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Data Governance – How can global organizations implement export control and international data protection regulations?

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With the phenomenal uptake in Microsoft® Teams™ usage since the lock-down, concerns about data security are also on the rise - especially for organizations with previously low cloud affinity. What paths do the shared documents in Microsoft® Teams™ take? Is our company’s sensitive information exposed? What new possibilities for secure data storage are there in Microsoft® 365™? These are some of the main topics we will cover during our webinar.

Where does Microsoft® Teams™ store documents?

Watch our experts in our webinar recording, to gain a better understanding of the data infrastructure of Microsoft® Teams™. Then we will introduce the security concept of an additional layer of security in Microsoft® Teams™, and you will learn how to easily keep control of your data thanks to an innovative data security solution which doesn’t require additional software on your employees' devices.

The webinar topics in brief:

  • How does Microsoft® Teams™ process your data?
  • What data privacy & security issues do you need to worry about?
  • How to balance the use of a cloud collaboration app like Microsoft® Teams™ with strong data privacy?
  • What does the user experience look like for approved users with R&S®Trusted Gate?
  • Get to know our Express Edition and get your extra layer of security in just one day!
Data Governance – How can global organizations implement export control and international data protection regulations?
National and international data protection regulations make the global operations of companies much more complicated. At the latest, the decision of the European Court of Justice this year on the Privacy Shield data protection agreement, which declared it invalid, makes it clear: European data is not safe from access by third parties in the USA and also in many other non-European countries. However, by using public clouds, companies are relinquishing control over their data.

In our webinar recording "Data Governance - How can globally operating organizations implement export control and international data protection regulations?" we want to share our expertise with you.
We are particularly looking forward to our guest Thomas Kahl, specialist attorney for information technology law and partner at the international business law firm Taylor Wessing. Robert Rudolph, Product Marketing Manager R&S®Trusted Gate will present the latest technical measures for export control of data and our solution R&S®Trusted Gate - Secure Glocalization: with this you are able to remain digitally agile while complying with international data protection regulations.

Webinar topics:
  • Overview of international data protection regulations
  • Implications for global enterprises
  • What measures companies should and can take
  • Latest technical measures to control the export of data
  • The concept of R&S®Trusted Gate - Secure Glocalization

Afterwards, you will have the following advantages:
  • You are fully aware of data protection and international regulations.
  • You are in a position to take appropriate measures.
  • Data security no longer gives you such a big headache.

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